-I just wanted to send you both a quick note to thank you both for working so hard & cooperatively with our Civic team. We were able to pull off a closing because EVERYONE worked hard. I am appreciative of the time you took away from your personal lives on Monday night, to make certain that Rodger & William were able to sign. It’s always the extra mile that gets these deals done! Thank you very much for being GREAT! –
Kendra Rommel, Civic Private Money Lender
-Wow! What a class act! We’ve dealt with some awful title companies and we’ve dealt with good title companies, but this goes above and beyone. I cannot even begin to express how great it has been working with Morgen Day and Patten Law Firm. They continue to exceed our expectations and I HIGHLY recommend them to any and everyone.
– It truly is the simple things in business that are so often overlooked. Obviously, a business has to have a great product/service but Morgen, Mark, and Brian and their team continue to raise the bar…
Kacey Gorringe, Ikigai Investments
-I have done business with the Patten Law Firm since starting my brokerage in 2007 and they have always done a great job. I have literally closed hundreds of transactions (maybe more) with Josie Garcia and she always gets it done. Thanks Patten.
Derrick Jones
-Incredible Ashley!
I had been told this couldn’t be done. You are the man
Knolly Williams
-I’ve worked with Patten Law Firm for over 10 years and have witnessed 100s of closings from our team of builders, realtors and loan officers. I’ve been meaning to get this review posted for some time now. Many times title companies get all the blame when something doesn’t go right or there is a delay in a closing. The truth is it takes more people to close a financed purchase property than you may realize and this title company is the best a holding 13 hands to the finish line! Realtors, mortgage loan officers, processors, underwriters, appraiser, inspector, other inspection types, surveyor, insurance agents, closing coordinators, title personnel, funders, closers, funders on the mortgage side etc….. His team at Patten is the best and they have consistently proved this over the years. Thank you Patten keep up the good work!
Jason Stubbs
-We were very happy with our closing experience with Patten Law Firm. All of our questions were answered right away and things we hadn’t thought to ask were pointed out to us. We walked away with all of our closing documents copied and bond as well as copied onto a USB drive for our records. Mark even took the time to answer some of our questions days after closing was complete.
-Mark and his team were courteous and professional, and the office is modern and convenient. Prior to the closing, they kept us apprised of the status of our closing, what was expected of us when and upon our arrival, they had all the paper work properly prepared. They walked us through each document and its content. Buyers can choose their closing agents now and you should choose these guys!
Dave S.
-Very professional firm. Closing was quick, the offices where really nice, and they were very accommodating to our kids during the process. The purchase process was very smooth and this firm can be thanked for that.
-Patten Law Firm takes care to provide their clients with the best experience with their closing you can have. Their Attorney Brian Adair is the best. I highly recommend this firm for your real estate title needs and closing transactions.
Mary S.
-I just want to share with you that Mark Bean with Patten Law Firm is an awesome closer. He went so far above and beyond for our clients that I was truly impressed and pleased. Ask for him, you know I do not say this kind of thing much so you know he is good.
-I think Brian and Mark are MAGNIFICENT!!
Hi Tiffany, Mark and Brian,
Sharita will not be joining us tomorrow but I wanted to pass her email on to you J Please tell them that I said thank you for the invite AND that I think Brian and Mark are MAGNIFICENT!!
You all enjoy!!
-The title company was good. They helped me handle a situation where my ex-wife had not removed the lien on the house from after the divorce. The guy even went downtown for her to sign the paperwork. Very professionally and explained everything as we went through the papers. Thanks for helping them out.
-Currently in escrow in a residential transaction with Patten Law Firm, all of the documents to the parties involved, come with detailed explanations, the staff at the law firm is quick to respond to questions and inquiries, and I must say I have been impressed with the Patten Law Firm.
Marshall Saleman, REALTOR
-I just want to share with you that Mark Bean with Law Firm is an awesome closer. He went so far above and beyond for our clients that I was truly impressed and pleased. Ask for him, you know I do not say this kind of thing much so you know he is good.
Curtis R
-I’ve been working with Patten Law Firm/Texas American Title for the last 2 years. I have never been disappointed. I’m an Austin Realtor and I’ve partnered with Patten for my sellers and buyers. I can assert that this company does a better job, has better rates, and shows more attention to detail than any other title company I’ve worked with.
I continue to be impressed by how powerful and effective this team is while being a relatively smaller team. Their productivity per team member is through the roof. If service and professionalism isn’t enough to sell you on their company, just ask for their rates. Their cheap rates alone will be enough to convince you otherwise!
It’s also important to point out that this title company is a law firm. Having an in-house attorney speaks volume for the level of integrity that this company holds. They set the bar high and it shows.
Thank you Patten for always doing the job right. It makes my job as a Realtor so much easier!
Briton S
-Patten Law Firm takes care to provide their clients with the best experience with their closing you can have. Brian Adair is the best. I highly recommend this firm for your real estate title needs and closing transactions.
Mary S
-I’ve been working with these guys for years and they have always done a great job closing my transactions. Good communication and excellent customer service.
Deep Nasta
Starsky and I have been extremely pleased with the service we receive from Patten Law Firm. Diane and Ashley are an amazing closing team. They go above and beyond to make the contract to close process go smoothly. Alison, the marketing representative, is also such an amazing help to the Owen Team. She makes marketing our business a breeze. She is quick to offer any help that we need to help our business grow. She is so helpful with pop-by gift ideas, managing our CRM, posting on Facebook and much more! Patten Law Firm is the only Title Company we would recommend.
Monica Owen, Realty Austin
Patten Law Firm is hands down the best escrow office I have used in 20 years in real estate. They communicate well with all parties and get in front of curveballs before they happen. I would highly recommend Patten Law Firm!
Chris Hightower, The Hightower Company
Ash Creek Homes has been doing business with Patten Law Firm for over 12 years, and for good reason. Their level of service, excellence and professionalism is unsurpassed. They truly act as an extension of our team, and we hope to work with for 12 more years!
Liz Chipman, Ash Creek Homes
We love working with Alison and the A Team over at Patten. Alison was instrumental in getting us involved with Buffini and taking our business to the next level. She meets with us and gives us ideas and ways to stay in front of our past clients. Brian Adair and his team go above and beyond with our closings. He’s event met a client on a Saturday to give them their keys! We won’t work with anyone else!!
The Ealy Team, Realty Austin
I can’t say enough good things about Patten Law Firm, Alison Ousterhout, Brian Adair, and their entire staff there. Their communication and professionalism during a transaction and with my clients is always Five Star. As an agent, when you recommend a company to your clients, your recommendations reflect directly on your reputation in the business. Patten has always treated my clients with utmost respect and with stellar customer service. From my personal business standpoint, Alison has helped me boost my performance and communication with my clients by offering one-on-one training and has helped me develop a personalized marketing program that keeps me in touch with my clients on a regular basis. Patten goes above and beyond what other title companies offer or deliver.
Monica Hampton, Realty Austin
Patten has gone above and beyond to not only make every transaction seamless but has invested significant time and energy into helping me grow my business. Diane, Ashley & Alison are an extension of my team and always make me look good. Whether they are sharing their organizational best practices, driving around last minute to get an affidavit of heirship signed or personally facilitating remote closings anywhere I need them, the escrow team is always willing to go the extra mile to make my job easier. Alison’s business planning, coaching, and her insatiable desire to find ways to make her agents more successful is why Patten will always be my first choice.
Jen Henry, Realty Austin
My group has worked exclusively with Patten Law Firm for the past 11 years. We consider them part of our team and know we can count on them for exceptional service and professionalism. They work hard to meet the needs and timelines of our clients and always go the extra mile to make sure transactions run smoothly and clients have a good experience. Truly the best title company in Austin.
Marissa Radack, The Bartlett Group
I close hundreds of transactions a year and sometimes I must close with other title companies. The great majority of the time, I am reminded why I and my clients love Patten Law Firm. The care and attention the Patten team gives to every single client is extraordinary. The homes I sell are primarily in South and West Austin – even though Patten does not yet have a south location, I happily direct my closings to them because they are that good.
Ashley Stucki, Ashley Austin Homes
I have been in Austin selling homes since the mid 80’s and have found my relationship with Patten Law Firm to be the most rewarding of all the title companies I have worked with in the past. And with over 3500 past sales…that is saying something! They have stepped up for me on many occasions, like closing at an assisted living facility, closings at my office and working with many of my clients who closed in other states and countries. The last thing our clients remember about our team’s customer service is how smooth the closing went. The bottom line is Patten Law Firm gets the job done with great integrity and enthusiasm. This is very important in our take a number, super fast-paced society we live in.
Jaymes Willoughby, Keller Williams
Alisa and AMAZING Patten Team- 
WOW just WOW! we could never have imagined the fantastic magic that you guys worked under the fearless Alisa Stubbs to help pull off a flawless Grand Opening and Client Party last Thursday.
From A-Z- you guys covered everything and made us – and our team- look like superstars!
Words cannot express…
We look forward to working with you closely in 2018 (starting out of the gates!) 
Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. From our team to yours!!!
Kudos Kudos Kudos and Muchas Gracias from the bottom of our little hearts!
Christina and Michael Underwood, Rave Realty