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December 2018

Use These 5 Tips To Invest In Cheap Real Estate

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Protecting your cash when investing in inexpensive real estate will ensure you have the financial backing to invest for decades to come. Depending on your market, there may still be a number of affordable properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods that are investment gold. Whether you prefer to buy, renovate and keep the properties for rental income, [...]

November 2018

The #1 Reason To Form An LLC As A Real Estate Investor

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For anyone with long-term real estate investment plans, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) should top the list of priorities. If you have something to lose - anything - forming an LLC can help protect your assets if a real estate deal fails. Many assume that an LLC is only needed for the formation of [...]

August 2018

When To Consider Wholesale Lease Options

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Real estate investment through wholesale lease options benefits the investor in a number of ways. Wholesale lease options are executed more quickly than traditional purchases that require a home loan, a monthly positive cash flow is developed, and you attract better tenants for your properties. What are Lease Options? Lease options are commonly referred to [...]

What Is “Subject To” Real Estate?

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Subject To real estate investment is a way to invest in real estate without putting a lot of cash on the line or going through a credit check or lengthy closing process. The idea behind a Subject To agreement is that the investor buys a property subject to the current financing rather than obtaining a [...]

5 Ways To Finance Your House Flip

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Being able to finance a house flip can put you well on your way to a very lucrative endeavor. It’s important to know, however, that finding a loan to back your fix-and-flip project is very different than obtaining a loan for a home you plan to use as your primary residence. There are specific “fix-and-flip [...]

July 2018

5 Ways Agents Can Boost Business With Builders

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If you want to grow your clientele as a real estate agent, now is a great time to learn the inner workings of selling new homes. Working directly with a home builder removes a number of challenges buyer’s agents face in an active real estate market. Breaking into the builder market will boost your bottom [...]

5 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Buying Property

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Not everyone is cut out to be a landlord, but even if you’re not prepared to handle renters and middle-of-the-night emergency phone calls, you can still benefit from the power of real estate investing. There are a number of ways to invest in real estate without purchasing a property to flip it. If you want [...]

Myth vs. Fact: What’s The Truth About Commercial Real Estate Auctions?

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Whether you’ve flipped countless properties while investing in real estate, or you’re just getting familiar with the market, you’ve likely heard horror stories about commercial real estate auctions. It’s true, commercial real estate investment comes with risks, but all investment does. Regardless, much of what you’ve heard about this specific area of the market isn’t [...]