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November 2018

5 Solid Ways To Generate Real Estate Investment Leads

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In order to continuously attract new real estate investment clients, you need to have numerous streams of lead sources. Relying on one avenue to produce the sellers you need will quickly dry out your investment career. If you need some inspiration, check out our top five places to find leads. Contracted Real Estate Assistant Without [...]

The #1 Reason To Form An LLC As A Real Estate Investor

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For anyone with long-term real estate investment plans, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) should top the list of priorities. If you have something to lose - anything - forming an LLC can help protect your assets if a real estate deal fails. Many assume that an LLC is only needed for the formation of [...]

Low-Risk Ways To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

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As a real estate investor, it’s a good idea to keep a diversified portfolio of properties. If you’ve delved into residential properties for a while now, trying your hand at commercial real estate investment may be a great next step. Why Go Commercial? Investing in commercial real estate gives you an opportunity to have multiple [...]

October 2018

4 Tips For Real Estate Skip Tracing

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Finding a property that could potentially turn into an awesome real estate investment deal is what an investor wakes up for each morning. One of the difficult parts of launching an investment deal – especially for damaged or abandoned properties – can be finding the owner of that property. In many cases, traditional methods of [...]

4 Types Of Wholesale Real Estate Buyers

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As a real estate wholesaler, you naturally have questions and concerns. Real estate investment comes with risks, so one of those concerns is sure to be how you’ll find the right buyer for your property. As with any deal, understanding to whom your marketing can help you connect with a buyer of higher quality in [...]

6 Red Flags You’re Buying a Bad Deal

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In a seller’s market it can be difficult to find real estate investment deals worth your time and the money. Before you begin to stretch yourself thin searching for opportunities that end up failing or demanding too much capital, look for these red flags. The deal isn’t within your budget. As the real estate market [...]

5 Must-Follow Guidelines for Investing In Out-of-State Property

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Investing in real estate sight unseen is scary. Many horror stories begin with, “But the pictures online were so nice…” It’s tempting to jump into what seems like a great deal and make an offer before you see the property out of fear it will be snatched up before you’re able to view it in [...]

5 Property Renovations Not Worth The Investment

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Investing in real estate means you’re often making repairs and renovations. Whether it’s just a layer of paint or a complete gut job, renovations can quickly run through a repair budget if you’re not focused on costs and which renovation choices will be a good return on your investment. Don’t let the glare from shiny [...]

September 2018

Where To Find Motivated Sellers For Wholesale Real Estate Deals

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Wholesaling real estate deals are often an investor’s first taste of making money in property investment. It’s a popular real estate investment method because it requires little to no money from the wholesaler, deals move at a fast pace, and it’s possible to be involved in multiple wholesale real estate deals simultaneously. What is wholesaling? [...]

4 Reasons To Invest In Affordable Housing

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If you’re looking for a focus as a real estate investor, putting your money into affordable housing is an option to consider. If investing in affordable housing is something you’ve always shunned, the pros to this money making option may have you changing your mind. Here are a few elements that may persuade you to [...]