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March 2019

TV vs. Real Life Investing: What You Don’t See On Camera

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Reality is rarely as easy as reality television makes it seem. While popular TV shows make real estate investing – specifically, flipping houses – seem easy, following a cooker cutter approach to investing rarely works. As you watch flippers makes tens of thousands of dollars on property after property, there are several elements of the [...]

February 2019

5 Mistakes New Real Estate Investors Make

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With all the promises to get rich quick when you sign up for a real estate investing class or two-day seminar, it’s no surprise that many beginners fall into common investment traps. Real estate investment mistakes can be made at any level, but there are some rookie mistakes that often snag the ambitious beginners. Real [...]

Why You Need Title Insurance When You Invest In Real Estate

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Even the real estate investment opportunities that seem like a sure win come with risks. The idea of an investment deal that can lead to a big payday may cause you to want to move things along quickly, but there’s a crucial step in real estate that you do not want to skip. Before you [...]

8 Simple Ways To Add Value To Multi-Unit Properties

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As a builder or real estate investor, your want your apartment or condominium complex to attract quality buyers. Whether you’re constructing from the ground up or just purchased the property and need to make some upgrades, there are simple ways to enhance the value of multi-unit properties without breaking the bank. Low-Cost Upgrades Tenants want [...]

5 Ways To Screen Potential Tenants

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As a landlord, you want to ensure your properties are well maintained and that you’re paid promptly each month. The process of building a smooth relationship with your tenants begins far before their move-in day. In order to ensure you’re not forced into court proceedings with tenants who refuse to pay or who destroy your [...]

January 2019

Investing In Condos: 7 Pros & Cons To Know

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As the prices of single-family homes increased over the past year, many real estate investors tested the waters of investing in condominiums. As we step into the 2019 real estate canvas, home prices are expected to stabilize, if not dip in some market. That doesn’t mean, however, that investors should write off investing in condos. [...]

Why New Real Estate Investors Need A Real Estate Agent

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Partnering with an exclusive real estate agent as an investor has the power to save you thousands and shield you from bad deals. Even as a seasoned real estate investor, having an experienced agent on your team will help you grow your portfolio. Understand the type of agent you need and how their specialty skills [...]

How To Handle The Expected Real Estate Market Cool Down

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The real estate market is ever-changing. Just consider where we were one decade ago. Methods of investing that worked 10, even 5 years ago, may not work now or over the course of the next year. Real estate investors who fail to recognize and adapt their tactics will be out-performed by more informed competitors. To [...]

Real Estate Investment Resolutions To Keep In 2019

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Real estate investors must understand the value of looking beyond the next deal. Setting short-, mid- and long-term goals are necessary to expand your portfolio and your revenue. Use this New Year to set investment resolutions to carry throughout the next 12 months to grow your business. The New Year is the perfect time to [...]

Is It Time To Increase Rent On Your Investment Properties?

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Real estate predictions for 2019 suggest mortgage rates will continue to rise. House hunters who were lingering on the edge of a potential purchase will slowly back away and take retreat in their rental properties. While some buyers will certainly continue to forge ahead, those who are waiting for the right moment, may take the [...]