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January 2019

How To Handle The Expected Real Estate Market Cool Down

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The real estate market is ever-changing. Just consider where we were one decade ago. Methods of investing that worked 10, even 5 years ago, may not work now or over the course of the next year. Real estate investors who fail to recognize and adapt their tactics will be out-performed by more informed competitors. To [...]

Real Estate Investment Resolutions To Keep In 2019

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Real estate investors must understand the value of looking beyond the next deal. Setting short-, mid- and long-term goals are necessary to expand your portfolio and your revenue. Use this New Year to set investment resolutions to carry throughout the next 12 months to grow your business. The New Year is the perfect time to [...]

Is It Time To Increase Rent On Your Investment Properties?

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Real estate predictions for 2019 suggest mortgage rates will continue to rise. House hunters who were lingering on the edge of a potential purchase will slowly back away and take retreat in their rental properties. While some buyers will certainly continue to forge ahead, those who are waiting for the right moment, may take the [...]

December 2018

Are These Popular Cities Investment Worthy?

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Americans were on the move in 2018. Beach towns topped the list of popular migration choices. Big cities and an unexpected destination rounded out the top places people wanted to move. Despite hurricanes, wildfires, and varying economic climates, people were ready to lay roots along both coasts. Do popular cities make good investment areas? When [...]

Use These 5 Tips To Invest In Cheap Real Estate

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Protecting your cash when investing in inexpensive real estate will ensure you have the financial backing to invest for decades to come. Depending on your market, there may still be a number of affordable properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods that are investment gold. Whether you prefer to buy, renovate and keep the properties for rental income, [...]

November 2018

5 Solid Ways To Generate Real Estate Investment Leads

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In order to continuously attract new real estate investment clients, you need to have numerous streams of lead sources. Relying on one avenue to produce the sellers you need will quickly dry out your investment career. If you need some inspiration, check out our top five places to find leads. Contracted Real Estate Assistant Without [...]

The #1 Reason To Form An LLC As A Real Estate Investor

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For anyone with long-term real estate investment plans, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) should top the list of priorities. If you have something to lose - anything - forming an LLC can help protect your assets if a real estate deal fails. Many assume that an LLC is only needed for the formation of [...]

Low-Risk Ways To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

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As a real estate investor, it’s a good idea to keep a diversified portfolio of properties. If you’ve delved into residential properties for a while now, trying your hand at commercial real estate investment may be a great next step. Why Go Commercial? Investing in commercial real estate gives you an opportunity to have multiple [...]

October 2018

4 Tips For Real Estate Skip Tracing

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Finding a property that could potentially turn into an awesome real estate investment deal is what an investor wakes up for each morning. One of the difficult parts of launching an investment deal – especially for damaged or abandoned properties – can be finding the owner of that property. In many cases, traditional methods of [...]

4 Types Of Wholesale Real Estate Buyers

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As a real estate wholesaler, you naturally have questions and concerns. Real estate investment comes with risks, so one of those concerns is sure to be how you’ll find the right buyer for your property. As with any deal, understanding to whom your marketing can help you connect with a buyer of higher quality in [...]