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Title Insurance Closing Services

Texans choose Patten Law Firm for their real estate title and closing services because we close on time with low costs to the customer.

The cost of title insurance in Texas is regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance so all title companies charge the same exact fee for the title insurance premium. Patten Law Firm charges one low escrow fee and does not charge any “junk” fees. (ie: courier fees, FEDEX overnight fees, copy fees)
We know every transaction is important to the client, REALTOR, lender and developer or builder. Patten Law Firm goes the extra mile to earn your long-term business and referrals. Here’s how:
  • Customer service and communication are our top priorities.
  • Industry leaders in residential and commercial title work.
  • Experts in refinance and home equity closing services.
  • Attorneys and Escrow agents are experienced and available to clients, realtors, and builders.
  • Strong relationships with top underwriters like Texas American Title allow for more product offerings than most title firms.
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Incredible Ashley!
I had been told this couldn’t be done. You are the man.

Knolly Williams

I just want to share with you that Mark Bean with Patten Law Firm is an awesome closer.
He went so far above and beyond for our clients,


The title company was good. They helped me handle a situation where my ex-wife had not removed the lien on the house from after the divorce.


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